How People Are Perceived And Treated Based On How They Are Classified

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This experiment’s main purpose was to show how people are perceived and treated based on how they are classified. For this experiment, a student goes to the mall two separate times, once dressed in a professional appearance and then dressed down in a bummy fashion. At the mall, the student has to visit a minimum of eight stores; 3 high end, 3 low end, and 2 neutral. Although they are not obligated to purchase anything, it is necessary that they interact with the sales employees. The student then has to take notes privately on what they observed and how they were looked at/treated. I went to the Lehigh Valley Mall for the first time on March 16th around 4:00pm dressed in a nice dress, a pair of flats with my hair and makeup done to the best of my ability and again on March 17th also around 4:00pm in my paint covered pj pants, tshirt, slippers, unbrushed hair, and makeup you haven’t seen me in since 7th grade. I visited the same eight stores on both occasions. My high end stores included Coach, J. Crew, and Swarovski Jewelry. I chose these stores because they all are very expensive stores who mostly get wealthy customers. The low end stores I went to were Spencer’s, Hot Topic, and JC Penney because the prices are pretty low and some of the ‘least favorable’ customers shop there. The Disney Store and Bath and Body Works were my neutral stores since all walks of life, young and old, are regulars in these stores. Overall, I was perceived as “normal” or “high class” with…

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