How Parents Control And Discipline Their Children Essay

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Often the first relationship that a child has is with his or her parents. This relationship is key in a child 's life because it paves the way for future relationships with peers and other adults. However, many parents do not realize just how much their actions influence their children. Children often begin mirroring the behaviors of their parents. However, depending on the parent, these behaviors can be either positive or negative. By separating these behaviors, scientists came up with three types of parents: permissive, authoritative, and authoritarian. Permissive parents offer very little interest or guidance to their children, displaying a very hands-off, lax view of parenting. And the other two styles, while they have extremely similar names, differ in how the parents control and discipline their children. Authoritarian parents usually harshly react to their child 's behaviors while at the same time laying down and enforcing strict rules. On the other hand, authoritative parents show increased warmth and care to their children while still maintaining discipline. Out of all the parenting methods, the authoritative parenting style should be adopted due to how it most positively influences a child 's personality development and social relationships even after considering existing circumstances such as genetics.

The benefits of authoritarian parenting on a child 's personality can better be seen after comparing the different parenting methods more in-depth. When a parent…

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