How Parenting Styles Are Directly Associated With Academic Achievement?

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In today’s society, students of all ages illustrate a reflection of how they are raised based on their academic achievement. The specific ways that these students are being raised are categorized into three different parenting styles. The three main qualitative parenting styles include authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive (Glasgow, Dornbusch, Troyer, Steinberg & Ritter, 1997). It is important to know that educational outcomes are not solely based on the efforts of the student. The successes or failures that a student may come across may be attributed to factors that the student cannot control. One of these factors that the student cannot control is parenting styles. The proposed research study will examine how parenting styles are directly associated with academic achievement in students. Authoritarian parenting is a type of parenting that includes the parents placing strict rules and placing great importance on obedience and discipline (Garg, Levin, Urajnik & Kauppi, 2005). Some of the strict rules that authoritarian parents may place would be related to curfews, bedtimes, when they should finish their homework, and many more. A research study that was conducted in California and Wisconsin managed a questionnaire with 11,000 different high school students. The questionnaires were given to students from the 1987-1988 and 1988-1989 school years. The questions that were on the questionnaire included topics such as their family structure, the education of…

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