How New England Economy And Environment Essay

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New England is beginning to bear the costs for its stalled energy policy. With no coal, oil, or natural gas of its own, states in the region continue to pay exorbitant prices to import fuels for electricity, heating, and transportation. Billions of dollars are shipped outside the region’s economy each year making the region susceptible to the high and volatile prices of importing fossil fuels. This year however, significant price surges reflect a relatively new problem. The National Grid recently announced its electricity rates would be increasing by a staggering 37 percent this winter. NStar, the other major electric provider in the state also announced a significant price hike. With natural gas supplying almost half of the region’s entire electricity generation, households and businesses have been left exposed to hikes in gas prices.

The current and future energy challenges of the region require urgent action by policymakers to move forward in securing the future of the New England economy and environment. The problems impact all states and the solutions necessary must be advanced by formulating a regional strategy that diversifies the region’s fuel supply, stabilizes the energy economy and benefits ratepayers. We are at a crossroads – a time that needs both leadership and action, time however is not on our side. Strategic investments that ensure the efficient use of existing resources in addition to expanding clean energy supplies are critical for the region’s…

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