How Music Affects A Person 's Life Essay

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How Music Affects a Person’s Life
Both music genre and the environment in which music is listened to often play large mental, physical, and emotional roles in a person’s life. It’s a simple task for music to play such a large role in a life because of how easy it is to connect with. A study showed music listeners try to attain different goals like self-awareness and mood regulation through music. Self-awareness and the regulation of mood are more attainable compared to the goal of relating to society (Schafer 9). Because musical preferences and personality are linked, people seek musical environments that reflect and enforce their personality traits (Greenberg et al. 1, 4). This link causes an individual to only have to listen to a few seconds of a song to repeat, skip, or buy the song (Greenberg et al 2).
A person’s easy connectability to music poses a question: Why do some people connect with certain kinds of music and not with others? It is easy for an individual to admit to liking a certain music style, tune, artist, or performer more than another because of style/genre preference. Style/genre preference is the recognition that different individuals will have different musical preferences (Schafer 1-2). Each individual has different personality characteristics that all affect musical preference. These personality and behavior characteristics can be understood and predicted through the big five theory. This theory focuses on “five different traits:…

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