Essay about How Money Can Mean Many Things And Function

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Money can mean many things and function in many ways. Everyone has their own definition of money. Some people see money as the most valuable aspect of life. Whereas, others see it as an evil thing. The answer to if we make money or does money make us will vary from people to people depending on their ideas and views about money. These two ideas work hand in hand. We make money by creating it, earning it and putting a value on it, which then makes us by giving us power, security, and self-worth. This paper will illustrate how we make money and how money makes us. To prove this notion, this paper will first analyze an article by Adrian Furnham, Sophie von Stumm and Rebecca Milner called Moneygrams: Recalled Childhood Memories about Money and Adult Money Pathology. It will then look at a lecture from David Koffman and a lecture from Reesa Grushka who will further contribute to this idea. Lastly, this paper will continue to analyze another article by Robert D. Wilton called Poverty and Mental Health: A Qualitative Study of Residential Care Facility Tenants.

In the Moneygrams: Recalled Childhood Memories about Money and Adult Money Pathology article the authors present analysis on a study with two hypotheses. First is that women will have a have a high money pathology and moneygrams than men. Second, is that money pathology and moneygrams will be interrelated. This study was done with 512 participants, who completed two questionnaires. One questionnaire was on the childhood…

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