How Do We Define Happiness And Well Being? Essay

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1. How do we define happiness and well-being? In the society that we Americans live in we see money as happiness because we can buy more things with it. Every culture has a material symbol that is important in life and is needed for well-being and happiness of the members of a society. An economist by the name Robert Guttman coins the influence of money in our lives by stating, “Other than love and fear, there is probably no more powerful motivating force in our lives than money.” (88) After reading that I believe it to be true. I finally look outside my own culture and understand how money has influenced our survival. Christmas is coming soon and that is another reason of how we spend money to give gifts for the holiday. It is all just one big circle that goes round and round. In order to understand how important money is it needs to be explained how it is used. Money is used for exchanging for other things. Money can come in different shapes and sizes like coins or paper. For a long time though money was tied to gold or silver. America then decided that money would not be backed by gold but just evidence of economic value. Then the era of debt and credit money came. This is still used today but the consumer injecting money into the economy which he or she must earn to repay back with interest.
2. Where does the wealth needed to sustain growth come from? It comes for Economic growth by the more things people must pay for, the more the economy grows. The more…

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