How Military Has Changed Us Forge A Stronger Nation And A More Resilient Population

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Adjusting to Military Life

The military has being a part of our country sense the beginning, helping us forge a stronger nation and a more resilient population. There has being many wars fought with the populations help, and the patriotism that the military impresses onto its citizents. That has leaded into many diferent changes and a culture of its own with many advantages and disadvantages. The present military pushes soldiers to new limits that they may have not face in their civilian life. Military personnel goes through depression, isolation from family, and shock to their way of life while adjusting to their new military life style.

Military personnel in the current century is made up of voluntiers that want to serve their country, creating one of the strongest military in history. The new advantages and opportunities it present to its personnel does not come without a cost, creating problems of depression within its ranks, “Despite the increase public awareness about mental disorders like depression, many individuals with depression are not identified and do not receive treatment” (Christopher, and Warner). The problem has increase in the few decades sense military enlistment was made to only consist of all voluntiers. “The military environment presents unique Stressors, including potential injury or death, witnessing the loss of human life, prolonged geographic separation from families, living in close quarters with other soldiers, and being unable to communicate…

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