Microsoft Venture Case Study

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How Microsoft Ventures and Google Campus Changed Business Startups

Starting a small business is not an easy task. The first problem that entrepreneurs will face is the capital investment. Who will fund it? How will they convince investors to trust their money to the business? Most who started immediately leave the moment they hit the blind spot. Most get lost on the way so more money is spent and no profits are earned. This is where programmes like Microsoft Ventures and Google Campus can help aspiring entrepreneurs.

Investment in Startup issues
1. Business model is a failure. Most startups are too optimistic about how easy it is to acquire customers. Startups expect that because they can build a website, product, or service they can generate
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When borrowing, work out with an attorney or accountant and create a written agreement which is signed by all parties. It should spell out the terms of the loan, the interest rate and the repayment schedule. Also, specify what will happen if the business fails.

Startups looking for loans in banks need a good business plan. It should have profitable projections and it should convince the banks that the startup's business plan is a viable candidate for a loan.

Crowdfunding is the best thing to happen to entrepreneurs. It is a "pennies for the many" model which allows people to pursue their entrepreneurial visions by asking help from people across the globe. It is an exciting way to generate attention, validate an idea, and raise capital without falling into debt.

Some of the successful crowdfunding campaigns were Oculus Rift and Pebble.

Minimizs the tedious fundraising process. The time, cost and other factors that affect the result of the business are all handled in
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Campus Edu is an educational platform that gives startups the edge by educating them with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Campus for Mums is a unique community that is dedicated for parent entrepreneurs. Finally, Office Hours give startups one-on-one collaboration from expert Googlers who's an expert in a particular area of discussion.

Microsoft Ventures and Google Campus help startups to thread to the right path. Aspiring entrepreneurs are guided throughout their entrepreneurial journey by having an experienced team to work with every stage of the startup. Housing an expert in the ecosystem, aspiring entrepreneurs are provided with valuable insights so they don't go running blind. These experts are either successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, or investors with vast experience.

With that in mind, startups can make the right choice in choosing whether to fund-raise from a seed capital investment or do crowdfunding. Whatever the choice is, entrepreneurs are certain that their startups will be a success as they are guided firsthand before they set foot in the complicated world of

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