Activity 4 R's Of Marketing Essay

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Activity 3: Marketing
Any Organization 's development lies in its marketing programs. Market efficient strategies is what led to the immense success of the British American Tobacco all over the world (Kim, 2010).
4.1 A report on my chosen organization which investigates how marketing activities contribute to achievement of organizational objectives in the organization:
The marketing activities done by British American Tobacco contributes vastly to its organizational goals and objectives. How it 's done is mentioned as follows:
• Advertising helps the customers or markets become aware of the product.
• Sufficient marketing creates brand image.
• People tend to buy products with a good brand image.
• Helps increase market demand and thus market
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In almost all of their marketing campaigns they provide such warnings. Also they target their market within only adult smokers.
They sponsor many environment saving campaigns and charity events. Such marketing activities by a tobacco organization that is really plausible (Morley et al., 2006).
Activity 4: Information Systems Management (ISM)
An efficient Information Systems can keep any organization up to date with the modern competitive world. As one of the dominating business organization of the world, British American Tobacco has a really improved Information systems Management which guides it down the road to success (Noe, 2008).
5.1 For my chosen organisation investigate and report on how ISM contributes to the achievement of the objectives of this organisation:
Information System Management by the British American Tobacco Company has led it to its success recently. How did that happen? Well they are mentioned below:
• The customers attain idea about their favourite BAT brand through the internet
• Their queries are answered through mail
• Any Information and news letters are provided through
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Human Resources Management of British American Tobacco works towards the achievement of the above mentioned goals by notifying the employees and all the other people involved about the company objectives. British American Tobacco through its Strategic Resource Management is trying to reach the pinnacle of success. And if they continue to keep up their good work, they might even pull it off. HRM strategies developed by the Human Resources Management Department of The British American Tobacco support the attainment of their organizational goals and

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