How Lola Is Used For My Observations Of Middle Age Essays

1080 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
The child I interviewed is an 11-year-old middle school female named Lola was used for my observations of middle age. Lola is a fifth grader who attends Wright Middle School in the inner city. I met the daughter of my mom’s friend in this interview. Lola is an early developed girl. Lola has several observable girly items throughout her room like, makeup, hair ties, and nail polishes. Her decorations in her room are mainly colorful. She is supplied with several electronic devices like a camera, cell phone, a laptop, desktop, and as well as a printer. Lola at first did not really talk much until I started asking questions about her. I asked Lola how her friends would describe her; she hesitated, but told me that she is a good listener, shy, smart, and the only real friend her companions have. Curiosity struck me and I asked her what makes her a real friend? She reported that she pays attention to her friends and they pay attention to her. Wanting to know her side of the story, I asked Lola to tell me about herself. She proudly replied with that she was one of the top students for testing in advanced in her reading class and also has video editing experiences. She proudly went on and said that she is a good girl, but spoiled, also informing me that she is talented with getting what she wants. Lola makes videos, edits them and posts them on YouTube. She is definitely in Erikson’s Industry competence vs. inferiority stage. She feels confident in her ability to achieve goals such…

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