How Literacy Is Changed For Me Over The Years Essay

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Growing up, the meaning of the word literacy has greatly changed for me over the years. I had not the slightest idea of what literacy really meant. When I was still just a child in elementary school, I believed literacy was basically just reading. I remember having to take online reading tests and my teacher would refer to them as “literacy tests.” How well we did on these tests, determined what our reading level was going to be for that specific point in time. Our reading level is what determined which library books we were able to check out. Since we took these tests very frequently throughout the schoolyear, it helped our teachers keep track of our progress and growth as readers. It is understandable as to why this is the way I understood literacy as a child. I wasn’t taught much during my younger years to be able to understand the true meaning of literacy. But as I grew, and gained more knowledge, this understanding became far more surreal to me, and I eventually realized literacy was a key component to my studies to this very day.
I grew very fond of writing when I entered the second grade. My teacher took acknowledgment of my creative mind and imagination, so she encouraged me as well as several other classmates to participate in creative writing. Creative writing is an event for UIL academic competitions. I couldn’t quite remember all of the rules for this event so I did happen to look them up. On the University Interscholastic Competition website, the rules are as…

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