How Leisure Journey Has Changed The View Of Leisure Essay

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As society constantly changes, the balancing act between work and leisure is affected. Today 's world has stacked the scale that balances leisure and work, in favour of work. The heighten importance on work is a result of the influence the western world has upon the whole globe. In this Americanize global society, we have adopted the mentality that work being the major facet of human life must be completed successfully before leisure is permitted. This mentality has changed the view of leisure in our society, which has dramatically decreased the involvement and participation in leisure activities. However, I for one believe that I am an anomaly to this mentality, due to the fact that my life 's journey has caused me to see the importance of leisure. Which, has led to my life goal of making leisure my work. The objective of this paper is to analyze how my leisure journey has been, the current state of my leisure and what will become of my leisure activity in years to come during course of my lifespan. To execute this analysis, I have reflected on my past through my memories and insight from my family members. In turn, this will allow me to retell, tell and foretell my journey in leisure. I will be presenting my leisure lifestyle through placing my activities and development in a chronological context. As a child, I developed at an average rate. I walked and talked at the appropriate age which means I developed much like everyone else my age during my twenty-one years of…

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