How Leisure Can Help Us Relieve Stress And Boredom Essay

1065 Words Oct 4th, 2015 null Page
As students we have many responsibilities. Some of us have jobs, interships, families and loads of schoolwork. However, we all need time for ourselves to do what we enjoy. Therefore, it is important to examine our own personal values and to identify what is important to us to discover what we enjoy doing. I believe having leisure time in our lives can help us relieve stress and boredom. Then again, we all have different life experiences that have influenced our personalities and the type of leisure activities we choose to do. My leisure journal describes how I spend my spare time when I am not at school or work. In addition, the Leisure Well-Being Inventory helped me understand the role leisure plays in my life. I was able to discover how my leisure activities make me feel, and how they have changed throughout the years and how they can improve in the future for my own well-being and personal growth.
My leisure journal allowed me to recognize how I usually spend my free time. It demonstrated that I like to stay active. For example, I usually like to go to the gym, attend to dancing classes and I like to relax my mind and body by doing yoga whenever I have time and I can afford it. I also, like to spend my spare time looking for healthy and easy recipes to prepare for school. I enjoy these types of activities because I believe exercise and a good diet are vital for a well-balanced lifestyle. Staying healthy helps me relax and do better at school. On top of that, staying fit…

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