How Leadership Is A Great Way For Learn About Leadership Essay

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Movies are a great way to learn about leadership. And not many movies can compete with the Princess Bride (Reiner, 1987) when it comes to learning leadership. Let’s take a look at how leadership is demonstrated in each of the characters, based on the work of Komives, Lucas, and McMahon (2013): in Table 8.2: Examples of Common Roles in Groups (Komives et al., 2013, 323-324). These roles are as follows: “Information Seeker, Opinion Seeker, Opinion Giver, Summarizer, Clarifier, Gatekeeper, Encourager, Mediator, and Follower.” (Komives et al., 2013, 323-324; explanations of these roles may also be found there.) All of these roles are excellently displayed within the movie, most of them many times throughout. First, the dashing Westley is a born leader. At the beginning of the movie, he exhibits the traits of a Follower by doing everything Buttercup asks him to do without complaining. Then he exhibits responsibility by going off on an adventure to seek his fortune, so that he might be able to afford to settle down and get married. Later, as a Mediator, he disposes of his mask to engender trust and bonding between the members of his group, for, as Fezzik wisely observed, “Men who wear masks cannot be trusted.” (Reiner, 1987) In the Fire Swamp, Buttercup nearly dies several times, but the daring Westley always manages not only to save her life, but also to keep her morale up with his dry humor and perpetually cheerful attitude. This demonstrates the traits of an Encourager, an…

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