How Joseph Stalin Helped Shape The World Essay

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How did a man that grew up in a peasant family that was neglectful and abusive, destined to be a Priest turn into one of the most powerful dictators in world history, helping turn the battlefields of WWII in the Allies favor? Shaping one of the most powerful Unions in history and contributing to one of the biggest arms races known to man. Joseph Stalin helped shape the world in many ways from the way he rose to power to how he helped shape the world in the Cold War. He was raised by an abusive father and a neglectful mother. His father and mother both wanted him to go to school for priesthood. Stalin really didn’t want to go to school for priesthood but he did anyway at least for a little while. Soon Joseph rebels and joins a rebel group mostly made up of atheist and he now argues with priest and several other religious officials.

Joseph joined the revolution while he was working at a meteorological observatory. He planned attacks and protest while working his job at the station. He was pushed underground when the secret police found out about his activities. Then some of the first guerrilla warfare ever done in the revolution started. Joseph was involved in attacks that all were leading to the same goal of overthrowing the government in Russia. Stalin at the time saw himself as a socialist not a communist. But Stalin 's political beliefs changed very shortly because he always wanted the most control out of everyone. That 's why many leaders and allies of Stalin 's…

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