How I Met Your Mother Essays

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How I Met Your Mother debuted on national television September 19, 2005 on CBS. It revolved around the lives of five companions, three of them were men, two were women. Their names are Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney. They resided in the New York, New York. How I Met Your Mother proved that we can all find joy in life through the people we love. Whether they are our friends or family, our loved ones produce a life worth living. The show is labeled as a sitcom, additionally it’s level of comedy forces me to believe that the target audience is young adults. However, when I first encountered this show I immediately was hooked, for all nine seasons. How I Met Your Mother exhibits that friends are the best thing life has to offer to us. It also proves that life is unpredictable, and nothing is guaranteed. The program argues that in order to live a happy life, you need the company of your friends. It does this by utilizing the character’s depth and placing them in real life situations that produce emotions that the audience can relate to.
The media is aware of how we, the audience think. We all have a personal life, aside from our careers and education. Not one single person 's life is alike, we will never experience a situation how another person has. Nevertheless, ultimately we all have felt the same emotions, happiness, anger, depression, etc. This television show reveals that very point. We will never know Marshall’s experience in season six when his father passes…

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