How I Learned About Basketball Essay examples

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Since I was a child ,I have already know the sports which called basketball. I used saw lots of people play basketball in the ground .At that time ,I begin to learn how to play basketball. When the class of my friends took me to his home. We look the basketball show together .And I learn lots of basketball rules from there. and I also learned three important things .The first one is you need to know all of the rules in this game. The second one is you have to training yourself become stronger. The most important thing is to know the discourse communicate. Each words have the special mean. When we play the basketball. We can use it make us easy to understand what is the next plan. Also can make us do the best team work. Before I understood the discourse communicate ,I cant play basketball well. But since I appropriate this skill , I have already know how to communicate with team When I was 12 years old. I use the internet to search the news and skill about basketball. Almost 1 hours a day. When I saw the video about how can make the team have no distance. I take the notes. and try to learn. At first is real hard. It must rely on the People who in this team . We need to continuous practice . Sometimes one action can take us 1 hour to get the mean. But once we know the mean, It can save us lots of time. As you know, Each second in the contest is very important .Sometime I will take a photo from book .And call other team player come here to learn this…

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