Essay How I Learmed to Play D&D

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Adventures in Dungeon and Dragon

I was 14 when I started at Colton Jr. High School in Colton, California. Beginning in the middle of the year probably wasn’t the best start in school for me, but that’s hot it was in my life--going from one school to another. I was a quiet kid, so I didn’t make friends very easily, except for one kid; buy the name of James, my main friend at the time. A few months into the year, I became bored with my spare time at school and my only outlet to curve this feeling was videogames. I had heard that there were computers in the library. So, I decided to go take a look one day. When Colton Jr. High was built, the seven buildings were laid out in rows to form a square and resembled a large courtyard with
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Directly on my right was the office and further right was the front desk to check the books out. There was an area in the middle of the room with long, oak tables where students could sit and study, and surrounding that on the three outer walls were sets of bookshelves about ten feet long each. There were at least twenty of them altogether. At first, I went inside to curve my curiosity; I was heavy into playing videogames on the Super Nintendo System at the time, so when I had heard there was a library and that it had computers, I had to check it out. I went up to the front desk to speak to who I thought was the librarian at the time. When WHACK! “Work, you slow piece of junk!” That was the sound I heard coming from the office, so I asked the lady behind the counter, “Who is that?” “Oh, that’s Dr. Morill, the head of our library department.” I thought to myself, “Kind of strange that a grown man is hitting, like, one of the newest computers on the market.” I felt compelled to go and ask him why he was doing that to his new Mac Lc II. In the office to the right, he was sitting at his computer, waiting for something to load on the screen, and then quite suddenly, he screamed at the poor machine, “Hurry up! You’re slow!” Dr. Morill was a middle aged man in his 50s, but he looked like he could have been older; he had salt-and-pepper hair with a full beard to match and he wore black, thick-rimmed glasses. I know he must have been a proud man; when I

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