How I Have Improved After This Semester Essay

789 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Today I’m writing this letter to you to let you know how I have improved after this semester.

In this semester, I have done a lot of projects. I have to write an essay, to speak in front of class, and to make a video. My last project in this class is create a video based on my 1 week experiment. This is not a first time I’m making a video, that’s why I know how to use it better than others. I think make a video and show to people is not an easy thing to do. I have to let my audience know what I am talking and trying to say in my 2 minutes video long. Instead of putting long sentences and paragraph in my video, I tried to put lots of pictures, infographics, some animations in order not to bore my audience. I need to make sure my video is going smoothly, and easy to understand. I want to get to the main point and my purpose so it won’t confuse an audience. This project is really fun because it is can help me know myself better. It is help me to know how creative and understandable I am. After this project, base on my point of view of re-watch the video more than 10 times, I can estimated and adjusted each slide length not let it be too long, but still have enough time to let the audience see what is happening in that one slide. I like to try a new thing, that’s why my video had lots of styles, lots of different types of pictures. I used all the sources as I can. For example, I find some pictures on the internet, and put it in the character already have in Powtoon to let…

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