How I Changed My Life Essay

1084 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
When I was growing up I had a rough life. My mother married my step-dad that was a rapist and a physical abuser. I remember many things from when I was growing up but there are a few times that really stick out the most to me. As a child going through this it could have major effects on you later in life. My life started out like any other normal child’s would. When I was in Kindergarten my mom got pregnant with my little brother and she had him the day of my graduation. After he was born is when both my mom and dad started acting different towards me; they started ignoring me, making me clean up and do everything even after my brother, yelling and hitting me. After my brother was born I felt completely ignored so I made friends with the neighbors and spent all of my time outside playing with them. I was in cheerleading, played baseball, football, rode horses, and did other outside boy things because boys were the only friends I had around me. When I was in fifth grade I was diagnosed with asthma and could no longer do all of the things I did before. I was told to do a more boring sport so I joined band and didn’t run around as much. I would still go out and play with my friends sometimes but not as often. At this point I started to hang around with my direct neighbor, which was my uncle that wasn’t much older than me, and we stayed inside playing cards and video games. One day while in his room I noticed a book on his chair, so I picked it up and started looking at it.…

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