How I Am My Hard Work And Dedication Essay

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Sweating hands, twitching legs, and a fast pumping heart that was taking over my 63 inch and 125 pound physical frame. As I stared down the 90 foot runway to the less than 8-inch obstacle that I had to conquer, the intense clap of the crowd echoed in anticipation of what I would do. They were aware of the back injury that had sidelined me for a season. There were doubters, including myself, initially after the injury. I took a deep breath to manage the adrenaline. I began to sprint down the runway faster than ever before. I hit the board cleanly and the crowd began to cheer with excitement. I had long jumped over 18 feet, broke a school record, and in doing so, qualified for the state championships. I knew that I was prepared for this moment of my life. Overcoming that 8-inch obstacle represented my hard work and dedication. The years I spent pushing myself taught me perseverance and discipline. These qualities will be vital in helping me to conquer a different obstacle- achieve my goal of becoming a doctor.

To meet the demands of school, work, leadership positions, and volunteer activities, I have had to learn to budget my time accordingly. Although I worked over twenty hours a week through most of college, I tried to learn as much as I could about the goal that I wanted to achieve through shadowing experiences and other opportunities.

On one particular opportunity, I was shadowing at a community health center in the inner city of Chicago. With each room, I could not help…

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