Essay on How I Am My Future

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Before I start planning my future, it’s important that I have some idea of who I am now. Of course it can be hard to know who I am now. Like everyone else, we have many different sides to ourselves. After thinking a little about my personality I concluded that I am not a perfect person (no human being is), but I do have some good qualities and some bad qualities. There are three qualities that I like most about myself. I am a very friendly, respectful, honest person and easy going person; I am very persistent and determined with my goals; I am a quick learner. Similarly, there are some things I dislike about myself. I dislike the most that I am talkative; I am too trusting and I am too lazy. The things we like about ourselves are the things we enjoy, or make us feel happy and the things we dislike about ourselves make us unhappy. However, both constitute a big part of who we are.
The first quality about me is that I am a very friendly, respectful, honest and easy going person. My parents have taught me that good people are honest, simple and kind. My mother always tries to explain to me that in life you have to live with all kinds of people and face many situations which may not be my liking. Therefore, I like that I am this way. Sometimes when certain people come into my life, I know right away that they were meant to be there to serve some sort of purpose, teach me a lesson, or help me figure out who I want to become. The second quality I like about myself is that I have…

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