How Humanistic And Existential Theories Can Help Us Get A Better Understanding

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Analysis With this paper we are going to take a look into how humanistic and existential theories can help us understand, how the mind works. We’re going to have to look at these two theories to and in our study we can see what Carl Roger’s and Rollo May’s finding will help us get a better understanding of these concepts. When we look at the person-center theory, you can see the helps us get a better understanding of how the humanistic approach to personality. According to the finding in psychology you can see that there are some basic assumptions to this theory which helps us understand that people have natural tendency to have personality traits. This helps us to answer some questions on why people respond the way that they do. So we have to discuss how the theories can help us start a discussion on how personalities are formed and then we can understanding how people would react when presented with different types of situations. Person-centered theory helps us see how the person is going to respond in life and with each other base on the situation that they are presented with at that present time. So as we continue look at this we hope that we can at least get a better look into the mind and it will help push this study forward and we can then relate to our fellow man with a little more compassion.

Person-Centered Now what is person-centered theory? It’s the theory that claims that individuals move toward their full potential. So what does that mean, when you think…

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