How Hollister Is Discriminating Certain People Today Terms Of The Age, Size, Gender, And Disability

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This fragment of the text will discuss how Hollister is discriminating certain people in terms of the age, size, gender, and disability. From the primary research that the group conducted (refer to appendices), it’s obvious that Hollister remain not being sold to the older generation customers when the truth is this generation stand attracted to buy the brand because of the image the company possessed. Hollister Co. and its other companies aim to sell to 14 to 35 years old age cohort then exist to be highly depending on the young generation to match with its competitors such as H&M, Forever 21, Zara and Uniqlo (CNNMoney, 2015, para 4). Even with a limited budget, the teenagers appears to be the utmost appealed group of the market. This is due to the fact that this generation are not limited in their spending for reasons such as mortgages, rents and bills when compared with the adults. Furthermore this age group withstand the peer pressure exposure, Hollister Co. contributes the perception that their clothes lines restricted only for the “cool” and attractive people to buy and wear (Pous, 2013, para 1). Hence, this group of customers are indeed attracted on purchasing the Hollister’s products especially those university and college tailored type customers with additional income from part time jobs or those with parents who have a high salary allows them to secure the overly priced products of Hollister. Another reason for Hollister Co. to be targeting the teenagers is as…

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