Disability Sex Rights Movement Essay

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For the past several decades the disability movement has been an active part of intersectionality. The modern disability movement “draws a distinction between physical impairment and disability” (Wentzell 371). It focuses on the social and cultural framing of disability rather than the medicalization of different impairment conditions. The disability movement is the parent movement to the disability sex rights movement. The disability sex rights movement addresses the “psychosocial, sociocultural, historical, and political influences on the sexual self-definition and sexual expression of individuals within the disabled community” (Wentzell 371). There are numerous stereotypes regarding people with disabilities and what activities they should and do participate in. The disability sex rights movement …show more content…
The leader of the disability sex rights movement, Barbara Waxman, called for “material changes in medical practice and government policy around sexuality, sexual health, and reproductive issues” (Wentzell 371). In order to ensure safety for women with disabilities, there must be some limited institutional intervention regarding sexuality to prevent sexual exploitation and assault. However, by using a disability rights framework to critique cultural assumptions of disability and sex, disability sex rights activists work to change society’s views of sexuality and disability, rather than trying to change the disabled woman’s expression of her sexuality. Disability sex rights activists call for the recognition of “the rich and creative array of noncoital sexual behaviors and expressive styles that persons with disabilities have developed without professional guidance” (Wentzell 371) as a legitimate expression of sexuality. They call for a reframing of the definition of sex as something more or different than “penetrative intercourse” (Wentzell

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