How Hitler Lost The War Essay

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How Hitler Lost the War
On September 1st 1939 Adolf Hitler changed the course of history forever by starting World War II when he invaded Poland. Then on April 30th 1945 this man that shocked the world with his actions committed suicide in his safety bunker. Hitler/Germany controlled the war for an extended amount of time but how much of this time was actually due to Hitler’s military strategies? Could Hitler have won the war by changing some of his strategies? No matter what you say about Hitler it is still true that he was an amazing speaker and had the charisma to lead entire nations into his personal war. Under his command though the German air force formerly known as the Luftwaffe fell into disarray and the German ground force was lead into massacres. World War II was lost to the Germans from the start. A man so caught up in his self to start a massacre over himself was never going to listen to anyone else and no one can win a war by themselves. The German army and Luftwaffe were a force to be feared in early World War II, however, Hitler changed all of that with his mismanagement of the Luftwaffe and his poor tactical choices for his ground troops causing Germany to lose the war.
The lack of leadership and constant struggle for power within the Luftwaffe was its biggest downfall (Boyne 32). For the majority of the war the Luftwaffe was considered the most advanced and best fighting force available but in truth this was only derived from their multiple victories at…

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