How Harmful Is E-Smoking Among Teenagers?

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In “E-Smoking among Teenagers,” by the editorial board, the authors focus on the idea that e-smoking is harmful to teenagers. However, in “Can e-cigarettes save lives?” the author focuses on how e-cigarettes can be helpful to smokers who would like to stop. Many users and healthcare professionals in this video agree with e-cigarettes and stand by them at all costs. They believe that e-cigarettes are a good thing for society, not one that could hurt it. Environment
Smoking cannot only be harmful to the person smoking, but to people around them. For this reason, there are many smoking bans in place around the world. In many places, smoking is not allowed indoors or at work. The chemical toxins in cigarettes are what caused these bans to be put in place. However, e-cigarettes do not contain the harmful toxins found in cigarettes and therefore, are much safer
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One e-smoker says,”It's not particularly harmful it's the tar and in the smoke that the causes over all the disease and the death,” (“Can E-cigarettes Save Lives”). Even healthcare professionals say that it is not the nicotine that is harmful, but the toxins within the cigarette. Because e-cigarettes do not have the toxins in them, they are much safer than regular smoking. E-smoking can also help smokers quit smoking altogether. E-cigarettes allow smokers to reduce the amount of nicotine that is being consumed and allowed smokers to reduce that amount every day. As the video states, “‘... but with generation three, we get a little knob or a menu system or somewhere varying the amount of power that actually get to the working part to the goons at the other end and that then allows you to tailor your experience to sue exactly what you want out of it… ‘“. E-cigarettes make is easier to quit smoking and therefore are considered “the biggest gift to public health that we've seen in decades” (“Can E-cigarettes Save

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