Essay on How Grooming Can Be Understood As A Process Of Manipulation

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Grooming can be understood as a process of manipulation, typically initiated through a nonsexual approach, which is designed to entice a victim into a sexual encounter (Brown, 2001). While there is no consensus in what child grooming entails between scholars, legal professionals and lay persons (Gillespie, 2004), it is overall agreed that child grooming is a premeditated behaviour, aiming to secure trust of a minor as a first step towards future engagement in sexual conduct.
When directed to a child, it aims to lower his or her inhibitions through active engagement, desensitisation, power and control. It is often characterized as a seduction, involving a slow and gradual process of learning about a child and building trust (Krone, 2004). This also contributes to the difficulty in detecting the activity.
Child sexual grooming is a casual study exemplar of a pertinent social issues that societal has sought to tackle to avoid tackle to avoid both actual and potential harm to children. Yet despite the considerable legal, political and societal concern that these critical phenomena attract, they have not, thus far, been subjected to detailed socio-legal and theoretical scrutiny (Basave, 2014). There is still little understanding about this phenomenon and what it entails.
The process of grooming through the formation of a close bond creates a victim who is more likely to comply with sexual advances (Berson, 2003). Therefore, evidence of grooming has been scarce with only few…

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