Essay on How Greenwich House Settlement Has Changed Over Time

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Greenwich House Settlement has adapted to the local community as it’s changed over time. It built a community in its early stages and hard times. The house 's mission is to help individuals and families live more fulfilling lives by providing social and health services and cultural and educational programs. Greenwich House Settlement was born during a progressive era for professional social work and women’s suffrage. Greenwich Village started as almost a suburb of Manhattan, which was called New Amsterdam at the time. New Amsterdam a settlement in the New Netherlands, established by the Dutch. In 1665, New Amsterdam was reestablished as New York City under English law. Immigrants from Northern and Western Europe continued coming as they had for three centuries. During this time Southern and Eastern European immigration increased as well, but not by much. There were masses of immigrants that arrived in this country. Between the 1880s and the 1920’s the United States experienced a boom in immigration. During this time the U.S. immigrant population increased by over 20 million people ( There was very little regulation on immigration until the late 19th century. Immigrants used to just arrive at ports such as Ellis Island without a Visa and just have to pass an inspection because there were no real regulations on immigration. In 1882, the first immigration bureaubureaucracy was created and was overseen by the Secretary of Treasury. Congress created a Bureau…

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