How Greek Culture Has The Greatest Influence On American Institution

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Ancient Greece refers to a Hellenistic period that became a larger empire in 800 B.C. to 500 B.C. During this Greek period, Greek culture developed the useful materials and valuable rules that could be helpful to the modern world. Greek culture has the greatest influence on American institution by using Greek political ideas, to create a good economy, education, types of gods and the relationship with different nations and countries. The Political aspect includes government structures, the political process, political issues, the meaning of democracy, and/or political movements. Democracy is a type of Greece government in which all citizens administer the workings of the government. However, America has a two-party type of government, which includes Democrats, and a Republicans. American took the idea of Democratic government from the Ancient Greek political system because America wanted to have a similar government structure. They wanted the people to have the power to choose their own president, and not to have a king or a queen to rule their country such as the British Empire. The American Constitution was divided into three branches, so it could be easy to make a correct decision and check and balances. First, there is the Legislative branch which is the congress that makes laws. Secondly, there is the Executive branch which is the president/Cabinet/Vice president could create laws and lastly, the Judicial branch which evaluates laws made by the Supreme Court…

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