How Globalization Affects The Culture Of Multiple Societies Essay

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Our world has been evolving since the time of its creation, and no differently, the humans and societies have been changing along with it. Decades ago there was a time where many cultures did not know of other peoples or other parts of the world. Ever since exploration started in the 1400s, leading to discovery of other societies and their resources, globalization had emerged. This development has progressed through all continents; many aspects of such societies and their institutions have changed greatly because of globalizing effects. Unfortunately every positive impact can be followed by a negative. In many ways globalization has negatively impacted the culture of multiple societies all the while progressing different economies.
With the spread of globalization being used to connect multiple different cultures, the differing cultures sometimes clash or even one dominates the other. Correspondingly, cultural imperialism is a very common effect seen when an industry sets up on foreign land. Western culture can be seen as an imperialist, forcing their ideologies in countries across the globe as well as exemplifying ethnocentrism at home. As Waters says:
“… globalization has characteristics that are independent of modernity and that force religious and other forms of relativization. These include: the universalization of Western cultural preferences that require particularisms to be legitimated in their terms…” (130)

The example above explains how western culture is…

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