How Gender Stereotypes Are Portrayed On The Television Series The Bachelor

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This study examined if and how gender stereotypes are portrayed on the television series The Bachelor, focusing on its most recent season, Season 20. This study used Dubrofsky’s “money shot” concept to portray how the show depicts women in a poor light. It also used the Transactional Model of Stress and Coping of Lazarus and Cohen to evaluate the levels of stress the contestants are under. Another theory used is Knapp’s Relationship Model, which evaluated the progression and deterioration of each relationship between the Bachelor and the contestants. The conclusions of this study were that while there weren’t a vast variety of stereotypes present, there are some present.

Technology has become ingrained in our every day lives, and with this development comes an even larger influx of mass media. Commercials and other forms of advertising have ways of influencing our views, but television itself, especially reality television, shapes the way we view the world. This is inclusive of stereotypes, social attitudes, and behaviors. (Caruthers, 2001) Certain television shows have become staples of American media viewership, with an emphasis on those under the reality television category.
The draw to reality television has developed over the past approximately 70 years. The first reality show can be credited to Allen Funt, with his series Candid Camera, a spin-off of his radio show Candid Microphone. (Slocum, n.d) The premise of both was based around ordinary people…

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