How Gender Roles Have A Social Norm? Essay examples

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Brain Washed by Gender Roles
Our lives are controlled by a subconscious rule of gender; “you’re a girl so you like pink”, “boys cant play with dolls, those are for girls”, “men don’t cry”, and my personal favorite “pussy”, the greatest insult to men, because it means your afraid or weak like a woman. These laws have been a part of life since the beginning of humans. Gender has been engrained into your mind since you exited the womb and were wrapped in a little pink or blue blanket. It’s hard to see the issue until you take a step back and ask why do colors have a gender? The world is changing though; young generations are defying the rules and are starting to step into a greater plain of existence that isn’t characterized by pinks and blues. Gender roles have become a social norm but in reality they are completely unnecessary and harmful to both men and women.
When I read “About Men” by Gretel Ehrlich I really connected with the piece. Most of the time, people usually think about the effects of gender roles on women, like the pressure to be the perfect woman, but “About Men” really gives a great insight into the issues that men face. Even though the article is specifically about cowboys and the stereotype they deal with, I fell like these are common problems that all men face, specifically, the stereotype that men have to be tough. Cowboys have been almost “dehumanized” in the Hollywood world. They are portrayed as silent hero’s who prefer to be alone and distant. This is…

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