Women's Roles In Ulamas

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Rabbis, Priests, Ulamas, though these three religious figures are different there is one characteristic that links them closely together, they’re all typically male characters. Yes, it is true that there are women of power in certain religions but, this was not always the case, in fact it wasn’t until just recently women started making an impact in their place of religious practice. Specifically, Judaism has made significant strides associated with women becoming a bigger part of the community and taking on more leadership rolls. Centuries ago, women were treated as objects by their husbands. Not because the women were incapable of being more then just child bearers, but because this is what scripture told the community. “Woman is identified with transient turbid matter, while man is urged to transcend the baser compost of his noble form.” (book) Essentially, this is the concept of women depicted as sub-level beings who could never participate in wholeness, or superiority. Men were the only ones that were able to achieve greatness and ultimate power in Jewish society. This glorifies the male as the superior figure, and is a strong presence in many religions including Judaism. Not only were women treated as lower class; they were often treated like the plague during certain stages of their lives. In the 14th century women also were often …show more content…
Fortunately women have come a long way, and this opinion of women has almost completely extinct, which has now allowed them to become a part of their faith in more ways than just going to temple and

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