Gender Stereotypes In The Movie Mulan

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In the Disney movie Mulan, Mulan was a young beautiful young woman and waited for a man to marry, according to the Chinese culture. Later on her life her father died in war and Mulan was so divested and had so much anger she wanted to avenge him and decided to disguise her self into a man to enter the Chinese army. In Chinese culture woman wasn’t suppose to be in war nor work only be a housewife and have kids. Instead all she wanted was to become a warrior, but as we all know the army general soon found out Mulan was a woman and was miss looked because of dishonoring the family and culture. Gender plays a big role in this movie but also shows another message about woman comparing to men. This story has allot to do with woman rights and how society acted upon that act knowing a young rich woman broke the code and law. Long ago it was a sin for woman to go to war or simply do anything that men was suppose to do. A big part of that is war, not only it was hard to get in by men but being a woman and accepted was beyond imagination. First because woman had no right to go to war and was suppose to wait for their husbands to come back and take care of the house and kids, and secondly was that men though woman was to weak and would be a waste of time to let them in battle. The law was the law and if a woman …show more content…
In today’s world its wrong but not till long ago for the Chinese people it was a way to live and normal. Woman couldn’t go to war and no way could they repay their mistake if they did. Projecting and keeping a good name of the family is extremely important and if was broken that person would be persecuted or simply banished by his/her own family. It also shows that woman are not weak and anyone can do what men can do and that we should let woman be more free. Even after all she’s done the people still think of punishing her for what she

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