Essay on How Gender Roles Can Affect Someone, Studies, And Parents

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Reyes’s Los Angeles Times article, “Men Are Stuck in Gender Roles, Data Suggest” was published on December 26, 2013. She argues how men are held to a high and masculine standard, therefore, being a stay at home father would bring into question their manhood and request. The context of the article, is that although women do men’s jobs, it isn’t okay for a man to do a woman’s job; In addition, gender roles play a big part in what one can do without questioning their manhood or losing the respect of others. Reyes is speaking to men with feminine jobs and ways, and people suffering from being different. Her exigence is based on researches in regards to how gender roles can affect someone, studies, and parents experiencing their son with feminine ways. Reyes’s outstanding use of appeals make it easy to recommend her article for the PopMatters’ Persuasiveness Prize. She supports her ethos, by providing information to show she did her research; logos, with a multitude of facts and statistics; and pathos, by using those experiencing it personally.
In this article, Reyes doesn’t really give a personal ethical reason as to why one should trust her. However, she speaks solely about the effect of gender roles. With that being said, there isn’t any ethical credibility to go off of because this article mainly contains many different facts and statistics from researchers. Unless, you take into consideration, how she provides the audience with more than enough facts from important people to…

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