How Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby

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Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in chapter 1
The chapter begins with Nick Carraway introducing himself as the narrator. Fitzgerald uses a first-person retrospective narrative, therefore we are given Nicks point of view throughout. The chapter begins with Nick remembering his father’s advice that “all people in this world haven’t had the advantages that [he’s] had” this tells the reader that the main theme of the novel is wealth. The use of the word “advantages” suggests that Nick comes from a wealthy family. Fitzgerald makes Nick claim that “I’m inclined to reserve all judgements” yet quickly contradicts this he tells “the intimate revelations of young men” are “marred by obvious suppressions”, by Fitzgerald doing
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Fitzgerald has Nick harshly describe Tom as being “arrogant” and powerful “not even the effeminate swank of his riding clothes could hide the enormous power of that body” by using this description Fitzgerald highlights his role as a dominant male, Fitzgerald supports this by the use of direct speech from Tom “I am stronger and more of a man than you are”, this again shows that Tom believes he is above everybody else again re-enforcing his arrogance. Fitzgerald uses oxymoron’s to describe the way in which Tom handles Nick “he turned me around again politely and abruptly” this shows that Nick as a narrator is contradicting himself hence causing the reader to question his narration once again. Throughout the chapter, Nick uses adverbs such as “accusingly” and “helplessly” when referring to Daisy, allowing Fitzgerald to give the impression that she is dominated by Tom and that they are living in a patriarchal society. This contrast is displayed by Nick’s use of adverbs such as “decisively”, “restlessly” and “crossly” when retelling Tom’s speech, showing Tom’s power.
During the dinner where also introduced to myrtle in a way as her phone call interrupts dinner, we also find out about how Jordan talks about her Tom and his family, “Tom’s got some woman in new York”, therefore showing she’s not a very trustworthy character. Fitzgerald also uses simile’s to add more emphasis to the

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