How Fashion Professionals Are Inspired by History and Culture

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How fashion professionals are inspired by history and culture?

It has long been claimed that fashion is a repetition of well-forgotten old. For centuries, designers drew inspiration from ancient cultures and traditions, ancient civilizations, mythical gods and exotic countries. Often the Greek goddesses, who have long manipulated the arts and war, intervened also in fashion. For years the dresses are current, familiar from mythology and the movies with mythological themes - naked shoulder, enchanting sets, lavish tale folds and embellishments of gold.
Retro trends, which also inspired designers, recently make an impact and in their collections.
One of the most inspired collections in autumn and winter this year is Marc Jacobs, who
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They are worn with a blouse underneath or alone on hot summer days.

Tops. - Long or short sleeves, usually overflowing with buttons and conservative design. They often have much lace, puffed sleeves or those, which are expanding at the end.

Skirts. With standard or high waist with lace around the edge short or long, in a tone or with prints, a corset or zip ties.

Coats. - With "Peter Pan" style collars with dial-down with or without hood. Important to them is that the coats have to be wide enough to accommodate Lolita skirt underneath it.

Petticoats. - Perhaps the most important part in the clothing of a Lolita. They leaped to make the skirt big and puffed and are therefore important in the Punk also. It is very unlikely to be missed.

Fashion was not well known before and a huge role in promoting it, plays iconic rock guitarist of the Japanese Wood Maliz Mizar, Mana-alone. He is also leading designer at Lolita clothing, and their model. He was also the first Punk and Gothic magazine and in the Lolita.
Robin Hood inspired other designers like Roger Vivier and Tiago Marcon. ‘’I wanted to create some boots that were both feminine and masculine. Sexy: seduction on a horse!” Another fashion house that has recently presented their autumn/winter 2012/2013

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