Essay about How Fashion And The Social Role Of Women Has Changed

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This essay is about how fashion and the social role of women has changed. The essay will mainly focus on the 1960’s and talk about what influenced fashion, women in this era and the era itself. It was felt that many things influenced the strength of the role change to women in the 1960’s. The essay with look at how the first and second world war also had an effect on women through the ages discussed.
Women from the start of time to the present day have always been seen by society as inferior to men. There are many examples of how this has been shown, however it was felt fashion was a strong indicator of this. In the 18th century women were just seen more as a work of art that belonged to someone else, rather than being their own independent person. Therefore, fashion at this time was all about what it looked like rather than how practical it was to wear. Because it was just seen as normal for women to be pushed around by men, women never tried to stand up to men or tried to do anything for themselves, as it just was not seen as the proper thing to do.
It was found that after the first world war which finished in 1918, women started to be able to have more say in what they do and the way fashion evolved as women were now more appreciated in society due to the kinds of professions they endured during the war. Women came more out of there shell and started to become sexy as the era of the flapper girl came to play. Flapper girls were young ladies who rebelled from what was…

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