How Family Affects People 's Lives Essay

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Imagine waking up one day and your life is heading in a path you regret taking. Who do you turn to in need of assistance? As individuals mature, they realize friends and family are both beneficial to approach for help. Friends and family may both get into arguments and lose connection with each other for a short period of time, but arguments are not worth losing people who have been there through everything. Although friends are more likely to argue with one another, friends are there to support unconditionally-just like family. When children are young, they tend to spend a majority of their time with family rather than friends. Family has an immense impact on people 's lives since they are around each other for extended periods of time. This results in the fact that family is most beneficial to approach for help at any age.
Without the use of technology at young ages, adolescents are not capable of reaching their friends. This leads them to limited time with their friends and more time with family. Along with cousins, grandparents, and parents, siblings also have a major impact on one’s life. Siblings help transform who one is as an individual and helps one fully mature. Siblings are responsible to help raise younger brothers or sisters and guide them in the correct path because parents would have a difficult time doing it by themselves.
As people enter high school, they begin to have trouble finding who they are as an individual because of how overwhelming the transition…

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