Essay about How Extracurricular Activities Affect Student 's Decision

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Nearly 6 out of 10 students participate in extracurricular activities according to the United States Census Bureau in 2014. There exist a wide variety of extracurricular activities, which are social contexts that can foster positive peer association, which include academic activities such as after school homework clubs, sports, leadership, honors clubs, etc. These activities help shape students’ experiences during high school, which are essential for academic and nonacademic accomplishments. Thus, it is important to investigate what factors (i.e. activities) inhibit and enhance achievement. The central research question that guides this research is: how does the participation in extracurricular activities affect student’s decision to further their education to the college level? Some have found that participation in extracurricular activities is associated with a host of positive educational, social and developmental outcomes such as increased achievement, improved interpersonal skills, reduced levels of delinquency, a reduced likelihood of dropping out, and improved self esteem (McNeal, 1999). With so many positive outcomes extracurricular activities seem to be a suitable fix to these issues that have been previously listed.
The development of extracurricular activities was slow growing. Many believed these activities were a fad that would be quickly outgrown. It’s know that “Before 1900 educators were skeptical of participation in extracurricular activities,…

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