How Embryology Is A Rapidly Growing Science Across The United States

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Exploring Embryology
Embryology is a rapidly growing science across the United States. In technical terms, embryology is the biology and medicine that are involved with the studying of embryos and their development. Logically, an embryologist would be a person who specializes in the collecting, handling, and inserting of the embryos. This fairly new science can prove incredibly useful when utilized in the correct manor. Lyn Claussen, a student at Oklahoma State University who is attaining her masters in Reproductive Technologies states that, “As the world population continues to grow, production of goods and foods must meet the needs of the growing population. Without reproduction, there is no product to grow. If we have the knowledge and technology that enables us to be more efficient, we need to utilize it.” The justification process of embryology is fairly simple to grasp. Embryology is extremely similar as using artificial insemination, just in the opposite way. Livestock producers grow very fond of this science because it gives them the opportunity to maximize elite female’s genetics by producing a higher number of offspring every year. As with most medical procedures involving reproduction, embryology costs are expensive, but as the familiarity and knowledge of this profession continues to develop, the cost has gradually decreased. In the world we live in, money and making a profit is of utmost importance, especially in the agricultural world. Miss Claussen says…

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