Essay on How Education Unlocks The Golden Door Of Freedom

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Inventor and Botanist George Washington once said that “ Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”. In the radio essay “Three Miles” writer and producer Chana Joffe-Walt expresses how education unlocks “the golden door of freedom” using the widely known Fieldston School as her primary example. Joffe-Walt primarily explains how schools located in urban communities do not equip students to unlock the door of freedom, instead the education given in urban schools leave students trapped within a constant cycle of poverty and mental imprisonment. In agreement with Chana Joffe-Walt’s argument schools, such as University Heights High do not equip students for post-secondary education unlike elite private institutions such as the Fieldston School due to socioeconomic disparities within both communities.
Writers of “ What Does it Take To Have A Positive Impact On Minority Students’ College Retention” Philip Newman and Barbara Newman supported Joffe-Walt’s argument because public schools fails to prepare students for college and instead prepares students for low wage jobs. Within different sources excluding the radio essay “Three Miles” different researchers and scholars have been able to support Joffe-Walt’s argument about urban schools including its failure for students to enter college. Newman and Newman defended Joffe-Walt’s argument within their article in the quote “High School graduation rates among African, American Hispanics, and Native Americans have been…

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