Essay on How Education Has Changed My Life

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Education has always played a pivotal role in my life. Like many students growing up in the United States and starting school at the young age of four, academics has had and continues to have an immense impact in forming my views on the world and shaping my identity. Aside from my parents, my teachers have been my role models in how I approach my school work, solving problems, and facing everyday life obstacles. Teachers have a life-long impact on us and they are the reason why we have innovators, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, artists, and more. For many of us, teachers are the ones who inspire and guide us in figuring out what we to do with our life and what impact we want to make in society. Sometimes, it can be the teacher in second grade who taught us about sustainable energy that peaks our interest in pursuing a career in science or our love for reading might have started after our English teacher in high school introduced us to the classics. For me, many teachers throughout my academic career have inspired me to go into teaching. I aspire to go into teaching to make a meaningful impact on the future generation. To be a guide and to be of any help to students in developing their skills to enable them to pursue their dreams/goals, whatever that may be. I also believe teaching goes both ways, where I learn along the way from the students as well, so I look forward to being a life -long learner. To accomplish my own goals in becoming a teacher I started my higher…

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