How Dreams Can Not Be A Dream Essay

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Russell argues that humans use their experience of sense data to perceive objects such as tables. However, according to Russell, if tables did not exist then the “outer world would be a dream”. He goes on to argue that “we alone exists” and nothing we experience is real in our ordinary senses. As a result, he says that it cannot be proved that we are dreaming alone in a desert however, there is no reason for supporting that this is the case. In respect to dreams, I will argue that the world in which humans inhibit cannot be a dream because dreams exist with respect to prior knowledge. Therefore, dreams can only exist in our world during involuntary periods of sleep.
Dreams are natural occurring events that happen while somebody is asleep. While a person is sleeping they may experience calm, frightful or unimaginable dreams such as falling out of a sky or failing a test or exam for a class that that they’ve never taken. However, there is no definite reason as to why humans dream. Science argues that it may be from our imagination or from our brainstem but either way there is a complex line between dreaming and reality. Philosophy of knowledge questions what is real and the truth. Therefore, it examines if our perception of reality is real or false that is, if we are dreaming.
The world in which humans inhibit is not a dream. Humans have prior knowledge as what dreams are through education that is experience. Therefore, if this world was a dream I would be able to indicate it…

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