Effects Of Sex Trafficking

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The Internet: And Its Effects On The Sex Trafficking Industry. “Aija is a young, attractive Latvian who desires to earn a living and escape the difficulties of her life at home. She finds an internet Cafe and posts a job application expressing a desire for work as a dancer in Denmark. Almost immediately, she receives a reply reading, "Hey Aija! You need no experience. If you wish, you can come this week.” She is given additional information to fly to Copenhagen, pose as a tourist, and take a taxi to Club 8. Following the instructions, she arrives at the Club only to find that the dancing position is a cover to ensure her arrival and that she is expected to have sex with clients instead.” (www.Galileo.usg.edu) The internet is largely to …show more content…
An article found on Congresswoman Ann Wagner 's webpage stated “In order to limit the prevalence and profitability of human sex trafficking and to hold services like Backpage.com and craigslist.com accountable, Congresswoman Ann Wagner and members of the Republican Task force on Human Trafficking in the 113th Congress have worked to create the Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation Act (SAVE Act). The SAVE Act seeks to criminalize the advertisement of commercial sex acts with minors and victims of human trafficking. This act would effectively target the traffickers posting the ads in addition to the website organizations where the ads are posted” (www.wagner.house.gov) Even The president of the United States of America has become involved in the fight to end Human Trafficking. “President Obama spoke on this issue in his address to the Clinton Global Initiative saying, We 're turning the tables on the traffickers. Just as they are now using technology and the Internet to exploit their victims, we’re going to harness technology to stop them. (www.whitehouse.gov) Along with government officials becoming more active many other organizations have formed to provide informational material on how to spot a trafficking ad as well as trafficking victims. “The Trafficking Victims Protection Act implements measures to prevent trafficking, to protect trafficking victims, and to prosecute traffickers. The Act endorses preventative goals by authorizing federal programs to raise public awareness about the threats of trafficking, supporting media and documentary film production relating to trafficking, investing in programs to promote economic independence for women, and by training border guards to recognize trafficking.”

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