How Does The Internet Affect Education? Essay

1574 Words May 24th, 2016 7 Pages
The style of teaching commonly used today in large lecture halls was originally used in ancient Greece and Rome. Back then, extensive works were unavailable to most students, so “lektors”, the original professor, would read the works aloud to any who would listen. Some famous Lektors were Aristotle and Socrate who specialized in science. This traditional method of teaching has stayed the same for thousands of years, changing slightly with inventions such as the printing press. The most dramatic change in education can be seen over the span of the last couple decades with the invention of the internet. The growing use of the internet has allowed education to evolve. Never before in history has anybody been able to access the amount of material we can today. Obviously this entitles a change to our educational system. The topic of whether or not we should use this new tool for learning is very controversial today. The controversy isn 't over whether or not we should use the vast database of information that the internet offers, but of whether or not we should use the recently invented online classes. While online classes have many advantages I believe that they have one major fault that messes with the fundamentals of education and makes it so that online schooling isn 't worth it. Modern day students are turning to online class options when they are offered in favor over classroom or lecture-hall based learning, because of all the benefits that come along with learning via…

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