How Does The Environment Affect The Development Of Personality?

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“Personality is less a finished product than a transitive process, while it has some stability features, it is at the same time continually undergoing change”- Gordon Allport. What effects does the environment have on the development of personality, if any at all? One may believe that the environment does not play a huge role in the personality of children and adolescents, however it does. Nature vs. Nurture is perhaps one of the oldest debates that has been going on for years in history, but have we found the answer to which really matters more? Cherry states that “the nurture part of this argument has to deal with how the environment effects and impacts the person we are today. Some variables include how and where one was raised, social relationship a person has and the culture that surrounds them. The nature part refers to the genes, each individual has and how it influences everything from appearance to personality. This debate states that the only effect of a person’s personality comes mainly from nature” (2016). Some may argue that a person’s environment has limited effect on one’s personality, like Gordon Allport for example he believed it on shaped the personality. Allport was most famous for his “trait theory” and “functional autonomy concept.” Allport’s trait theory focuses on the differences between individuals. The differences between these traits form a personality that is unique for each individual. He categorized these traits into three levels. These…

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