How Does The Artist Use Color? Essay

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Final Art Paper
What category does the art fall under? (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramic, Metal Work, other) How can you tell? This artwork (Starry Night) falls under the painting category for art. You can tell this because because of the brush strokes visible and how the color is somewhat blended together.

Turn your attention to the piece as a whole. Take a few minutes to look at the artwork in its entirety and answer the following questions.

a. How does the artist use color? Are there stark contrasts or is it blended? Are there symbolic meanings behind the color choices? Van Gogh uses color first by coloring the whole picture almost dark which a lot of art critics think is a reflection about his mental illness and how he tries to overcome it. He also makes the windows bright but paints everything in the village dark also which gives a sense of comfort. Many critics however can not figure out his choice of color and a lot have blamed it on his illness. The use of the bright yellow and white lines are there to draw a viewers attention toward the sky in the spiral effect they 're used in. There are also a lot of shades of blue and green in this picture which becomes balled by the orangish-yellowish tints in the sky. He uses very rich colors to paint the sky which gets across his meaning of trying to portray emotion through this painting.
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b. Are the forms in the piece realistic or abstract? Are they fully one…

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